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Best Porcelain Veneers in Dubai : Best Dentist for Porcelain Veneers in Dubai UAE. Porcelain veneers dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & porcelain veneers prices in Dubai UAE.

A smile helps us get along with people as well as radiate confidence. However not all of us are blessed with flashing, evenly aligned and well proportioned teeth. Also as we grow mature our teeth tend to get stained due to various medications, foodstuffs or due to usage of substances like tobacco.

Teeth can also get worn over the years or get chipped or broken due to accidents. All this affects our smile to the extent that we feel embarrassed to appreciate a good joke or even get introduced to somebody.

Smile Makeover options and Porcelain veneers

Today with advances in dental practices one can easily regain the lost confidence. With smile makeover treatments you can smile evenly in a formal situation or laugh out aloud at a social event. Options like teeth whitening, Invisalign braces and dental implants all serve to make your smile as you want it.

Let us look at another alternative that has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Dental veneers or porcelain veneers as they are better known have proved to be effective in brightening up a number of smiles.

The treatment was earlier used by top actors from Hollywood to acquire a photogenic smile. Presently it can be availed by all of us to make our smile stand out and get noticed anywhere.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells made of ceramic material that are affixed to your teeth. This lends a soft sheen to your smile which is quite similar to one exuded by natural teeth. The material used to craft the veneers is extremely durable and resistant to stains.

Porcelain Veneers are a suitable remedy for

• Stained teeth: The treatment is one of the best ways to rectify teeth stained by medicines like tetracycline or nicotine due to smoking.

• Yellowed teeth: Teeth that have yellowed due to foodstuffs like carrots, caffeine as well as alcohol can easily be transformed by way of porcelain veneers.

• Misaligned teeth: Crooked and uneven teeth as well as gaps in between frontal teeth can be effectively diminished using porcelain veneers.

The treatment process

The procedure is relatively quick and is usually over in about two sessions at the dentist’s.

The Initial checkup

To begin with the dentist will first determine if the veneers best suit your requirements. If you simply need to get your teeth bleached the dentist might suggest teeth whitening as a more suitable option. However if you need more of a permanent solution then porcelain veneers would be the recommended option.

Taking bite impression and teeth resizing

The dentist would take bite impressions to model the veneers accordingly. The impressions are sent to a lab to be fabricated by experts in ceramic carving.

In the meantime the dentist would prepare your teeth by reshaping the outer surface. The process involves removal of about 1/2 millimeter of enamel to ensure smooth application of the veneer.

A temporary veneer would be attached to the teeth surface to minimize any teeth sensitivity you may experience.

Etching the veneers

Once the permanent veneers are available the dentist would affix the veneers to your teeth by a process known as etching. This provides great stability to the veneer which becomes as good a part of the teeth rather than just as a covering.

A long term investment

The treatment requires great skill and should ideally be done by an experienced dentist for best results. Porcelain veneers have nowadays become a much more affordable option as compared to before. The cost though would vary according to the individual based upon the number of veneers required as well as the dentist location.

People who have opted to use porcelain veneers do not need to redo the process for at least 10 years at a stretch. With good maintenance which includes regular brushing and flossing and avoiding foods that stain or are extremely hard, the veneers can last for over 20 years.

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