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Ceramic Braces Dubai UAE : Cheap and best ceramic braces dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & ceramic braces prices in Dubai. Cheap ceramic braces in Dubai UAE. People are always conscious about how they present themselves to people around them people who have crooked teeth are self-conscious and tend not to mix well with people. In the past, braces were put on children, but today, adults too can have braces. The major concern for adults is how they will look in front of their colleagues and friends. They still think about the metal braces they knew in the past and wonder what people will say when they notice the braces. Today, you can get clear ceramic braces which will not be noticeable, thereby straightening your teeth without the embarrassment associated with tradition teeth straightening devices.

At various Orthodontic centers across Dubai UAE the price of such invisible braces(also called as clear braces) like Invisalign starts at 13000 AED, ceramic braces price starts at 12000 AED. The cost of getting damon braces and eon aligners is around 14000 Dirhams for the complete package.

Ceramic Braces Dubai

Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, except that they have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in to teeth. Some even use tooth-colored wires to be even less noticeable. Pros: Less noticeable than metal braces; move teeth much faster than clear plastic aligners (Invisalign)

The clear ceramic teeth straitening technology is still effective in straightening crooked teeth. This means that the user gets the required straightening without the discomfort that was experienced when using traditional metal braces. The metal in the traditional variety caused a lot of discomfort and could even lead to mouth sores due to the irritation. Whenever the metal came in contact with the gum, it caused a lot of pain, making it difficult to eat. However with the ceramic variety, you will be comfortable as well as unembarrassed. The ceramic is smooth and will not irritate the gums or the inner cheek lining. It is possible to forget that you have this variety since it feels very comfortable in the mouth.

You should be careful when selecting the orthodontist who will install the clear ceramic braces. This is because not all are trained in using these devices. You should make discreet enquiries and find out if the orthodontist can do the procedure. The best way to do this is to ask him for a reference person who had the same procedure done by the same orthodontist. You can also visit review sites and see what other people have to say about the practitioners that they used in the past. The procedure takes longer than the installation of metal braces since ceramic is fragile.

Since this is a recent technology, it means that it will cost you more. The process and time taken to install the device is what makes it expensive. The manufacture of the braces is also expensive leading to higher retail costs. Due to this fragile nature of the braces, you should avoid eating hard food which can break the braces. You should also avoid taking substances that normally stain teeth, since they will stain the ties of the braces. The braces themselves will not stain. Your orthodontist should change these ties every 2 months when the braces are being adjusted.

It is no longer necessary to endure pain so as to look beautiful. With ceramic braces you will be able to look much better, without the embarrassment, pain and discomfort that were associated with the metal variety. The money, time and effort that you spend getting this variety of braces will be well spent since you will go on with your life as usual, knowing that in a short while, you will have a killer smile.

Ceramic Braces Dubai UAE : Ceramic Braces Dentists, Clinics, Reviews, Cost & Ceramic Braces Prices in Dubai. Cheap Ceramic Braces in Dubai UAE.

Ceramic Braces Dubai Cost & Prices

Ceramic Braces Dubai UAE : Ceramic Braces Dentists, Clinics, Reviews, Cost & Ceramic Braces Prices in Dubai. Cheap Ceramic Braces in Dubai UAE. Teeth play a major role in chewing foods. It also matters a lot in your appearance and a proper speech. When your jaws do not meet properly, you face difficulty in grinding the food. This causes indigestion and other health hitches. When your teeth are projecting and you cannot close your lips properly, they spoil your smile. These reasons and more may affect how the world sees you and the braces here come out as the savior.

What age is appropriate for orthodontic treatment?

The treatments are open to any age. The cost of braces is the minimum while the treatment is done at the earliest. The first check up for a child can start from six months and if any kind of deformity is found, it should be corrected as early as possible. A regular check up should follow every another six months. The time consumed for the whole process would be the least when done early.

As an adult there is no upper limit to braces. The time and the cost go hand in hand. A person of age fifty or may be sixty can also go for braces depending on the condition of the teeth, and the bone and gums supporting that frame. So the bottom line is the human age is pretty irrelevant, it is the age of the teeth that matters.

The time taken for the whole process varies depending upon the deviation factor that is how irregular your jaw is. The treatment is usually done in two phases: one is the jaw correction and the other is the setting of the braces.

Ceramic Braces Dubai UAE : Ceramic Braces Dentists, Clinics, Reviews, Cost & Ceramic Braces Prices in Dubai. Cheap Ceramic Braces in Dubai UAE.

How much do braces cost?

The fees structure varies with the type of discrepancy. The treatment modalities also depend a lot on the duration of the treatment time. Hence the doctor is the right person who can give you the exact figures. The average cost of braces start from about 1000$ for minor corrections and can move up to 5,000$ for severe incongruities. The fee structure for the clear and invisible braces starts from 5000$ to 15000$.

Different substances used for the braces

Fixed appliances are used for the braces. These comprises of metals, plastics, elastics, bands, wires etc. the usual braces are metallic but aesthetic or clear brackets are also available which are invisible to the naked eye. The invisible braces costs a bit more but is common with the professionals. The cheapest are the plastic braces and they are in vogue for the people who do not want to spend much.


After the braces have been removed, teeth have the tendency to move as the bones supporting them are still soft. So, the wires or plates are given to prevent the teeth from shifting. They can be both removable and fixed. These retainers should be kept for at least six months.

The orthodontic treatment takes both the patience and the money but after the end result you have nothing but a beautiful smile to showcase!

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