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Damon Braces Dubai – Damon System Clear‎

Damon Braces Dubai – Damon Braces Price Dubai UAE. Orthodontic treatment with Damon braces system in Dubai. Damon Braces used in his orthodontic practice. The Damon Q brackets are very small, orthodontic brackets with rounded corners. These are different than traditional braces. Traditional braces use rubberbands around each bracket which creates friction with the wire. The Damon bracket has a door that opens to reveal a slot for the wire. It’s design creates less friction between the bracket and the wire, allowing teeth to move with light, continuous forces, which is better for the gums, roots and bones.

Here is some information about clarity braces. There is an amazing new solution for people with improper teeth. The teeth which are either not rightly aligned by the nature or do not fit well within the jaw can now be cured by a better remedy.

The solution is in the form of braces which are almost invisible. These braces are known as incognito or ibraces. These braces are made of gold and are placed behind the teeth unlike the traditional braces. Gold prevents them from braking hence giving strength and allowing the maker to make them as thin as he can. This allows these braces to be actually more comfortable and hence speech can be soon adjusted. These braces have several advantages as they are easy to clean and they can be made specifically for each tooth. These braces are also known as the clarity braces, because of their invisibility and hidden location.

Straighter teeth do not only look good but they also help to keep decay away by closing the gaps and hence eliminating the chances for decay to grow. This makes teeth stronger and it can be achieved by using braces.

Treatments involving braces – Apart from the clarity braces, there are the very visible braces as well. These are the metal braces which are also known as ‘train track’ for the look that they give. They are made from metallic brackets and are planted using wires and elastic. These braces do help to get the teeth straighter.

The other solutions involve Damon braces which actually use a different mechanism than the traditional metallic braces. Then there are even cosmetic fixed braces which are more popular in celebrities due to their invisibility. There are other solutions such as clarity self-litigating braces which are more specialized towards an individual’s mouth hence can be a better remedy for your teeth.

Alternative treatment:

The braces have not stopped at what they were made for. From metallic to ceramic and from ugly looking to almost unnoticeable, they have come of age. Today there are clarity braces which are almost invisible. One such a type is Invisalign, which actually is the most preferred type of braces today. It can be easily removed while eating or cleaning.

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