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Damon Braces Patient Testimonial

Known as the “Rolls Royce” of braces, the Damon System is gentle, helps maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, is less painful, more comfortable, allows for shorter treatment times, and requires fewer – if any – extractions. Damon Braces are also easy to clean and maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, making them an ideal option for adult braces.

Damon braces are a new alternative to conventional metal braces that offer several advantages over other metal braces options.

The first of these is that Damon braces are self-ligating. What this means in layman’s terms is that there is a mechanism on the bracket of the Damon braces that allows the wire to connect directly to it. By contrast, conventional metal braces require a ligature to connect the wire of the braces to the bracket. The ligature of braces are one of the most visible parts, often being seen as brightly coloured squares on the braces of teenagers. Doing away with the need for ligatures means that the brackets can be smaller and less conspicuous.

No ligatures also mean that the wire is able to slide through the brackets in a Damon braces system. This does away for the need for the wire to be tightened and thus vastly reduces the average number of orthodontic appointments that a patient will require. The makers of Damon claim that the average number of appointments per patient falls from thirty one to around sixteen when their system is used.

Another feature of Damon braces is that they can be partially clear. Combined with the smaller size of the bracket this means that they can be far less visible than traditional braces, although still nowhere near as invisible as clear braces options such as Invisalign.

Whereas conventional braces often require a palatal expander if the patient wishes to expand their arch, Damons do not generally require palatal expanders or headgear, and usually also remove the need for tooth extractions for the vast majority of patients.

The use of high quality memory wire also means that the treatment time for patients is reduced by approximately seven months and a better final outcome is achieved on average.

Damon braces do suffer from some of the same problems of discomfort as traditional braces. However, studies have shown that they are approximately 60% less painful than traditional braces. They do still however cause pain, unlike alternative non metal systems such as Invisalign.

Damon braces typically cost a similar price to conventional braces that require ligatures, although this does vary from patient to patient. They are also similarly covered by dental insurance in most instances.

These are just some of the many advantages to using the Damon system over other types of conventional metal braces systems.

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