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Dental Tooth Filling in Dubai UAE : Tooth filling dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & dental tooth filling Prices in Dubai UAE. Dental Composite Restoration Of Frontal Tooth. In this video you can see the proces of restoration of frontal tooth using composite fillings. The tooth is fractured and the defect will be fixed using these materials. You can see how the patient looks before and after this procedure. Because esthetics is very important here we can use only nanocomposite fillings.

The composite restoration is a fairly common procedure by which worn down, or decayed teeth can be returned to their former healthy state. For this process modern dentists will typically use a sectional matrix system, which contains all the tools necessary to ensure a well fitted, durable tooth restoration.

Before you elect to undergo a composite restoration, it would be wise to enquire as to how your dentist carries out this procedure, and what equipment and materials they plan to employ in the process. After all, with something as important as your teeth it’s best not to take any chances.

Composite restorations have replaced amalgam fillings as the procedure of choice for dental repair, thanks to their ability to strengthen your teeth up to a level comparable with their original state. There are also significant aesthetic advantages to having a composite which blends into the overall appearance of your teeth, rather than a comparably unsightly metal filling. However, this procedure is only as effective as the tools it is being performed with. This is why there is the previously mentioned need to enquire as to whether your dentist has the tools capable of executing a successful composite restoration. For dentists that feel they should be upgrading their equipment for the good of their patients there are a number of online stockists that can handle such requests.

The reason that sectional matrix systems have been proven to be so effective when used for composite restorations is that they include components for each step in the process. For example, a sturdy clamp will effectively separate the teeth, allowing for perfect contacts. The overall shape of the composite and efficacy of the adhesive seal are then aided by using the appropriate matrix and wedge tools. This tends to result in less finishing work being required as it is much easier to craft and apply a perfect composite using the appropriate dental technology.

Along with the tools being used, savvy patients should also enquire as to the nature of the adhesive, as all good dentists will strive to use only the most effective resins for composite restorations. Meanwhile, dentists should remain informed about any future advancement in this developing field.

Because of the development of material science and cariology, it became very easy to obtain successful results with posterior restorations. With patient and dental surgeon both working towards the common goal of healthy, attractive teeth, there should be no shortage of smiles about town!

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