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Dental Veneers Dubai UAE : Porcelain veneer uses, procedure, cost, prices and more – dental veneers treatment, recovery & cost info. Dental veneer costs, types, information and advice. A dental veneer is something that is placed over the teeth in your mouth to either improve the way they look, or protect them from being damaged by something else. The first applications for these coverings were so actors could alter their appearance by altering the look of their teeth. The items would not stay on for a very long time, but actors could effectively make their teeth appear to be rotting, or of a different shape while they were wearing them.

Today the dental veneer application will likely stay in place for a period of ten to thirty years, and they are mainly used in cosmetic dentistry to alter the appearance of a person’s teeth. The coverings are applied by the dentist and they can either be made from dental porcelain, or composite materials.

A dental veneer that is created from composite materials may be built in the mouth of the patient. The composites may also be created in a dental lab and later bonded to the surface of the teeth using a resin cement to hold them in place. The use of composites gives the dentist the ability to have access to a wider range of tooth colors. The added variety of colors allows the patient to have more aesthetically pleasing results from their dental work.

Many of these cosmetic coverings are made from dental porcelain. The composite materials can be made in labs or even used to build the cover in the mouth of the patient, but the porcelain versions must be constructed in a lab and then placed in the patient’s mouth. The covering is bonded to the surface of the tooth with an adhesive designed for this exact purpose.

You cannot apply these items without a dentist. In other words, this is not something you can do at home. A lot of procedures, like teeth whitening procedures, are done at home and in the dentist office, but the permanent placement of cosmetic coverings is done only in the office of the dentist. The average person cannot even purchase the materials they would need or the adhesives that are required to do this type of work.

Once the dentist has applied the coverings to your teeth you will clean your teeth as normal. You still brush and floss in the same manner as you did before the procedure. Your dentist may suggest to you that using a soft to medium bristled tooth brush is preferred after this procedure, and they may tell you toothpaste that is better for cleaning these materials than other varieties of toothpaste are.

There are drawbacks to the applications of a dental veneer. The preparation for the covering and the adhesive that will be used can destroy as much as 30% of your natural tooth surface. The life expectancy of the covers is between 10 and 30 years, but most dentists will tell you that after 10 years you will likely have to have the item replaced.

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