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Denture Implants Procedure

Denture Implants Procedure : Many people think that denture implants procedure can get very scary, and with good reason, it does sound intimidating. This is because they don’t really understand what happens in the procedure to get denture implants.

Denture implants are pieces of metal, usually titanium, that are implanted into the jawbone so that artificial teeth can be attached more securely than with the standard form of denture. They can be used to replace a single tooth or several, up to a full lower and/or upper denture.

These implants represent a marked improvement over the old style of dentures. Because they provide a more secure fitting, former denture wearers are finding that they can eat foods that they have not touched for years. No longer are apples the forbidden fruit for people with denture implants.

Anyone who has teeth they need to replace are potential candidates for dental implants. Age is not a factor. As long as the patient has sufficient jawbone for the procedure and is in good enough health for routine dental treatment, they can get denture implants. If there is not enough bone in the jaw, there are procedures that can graft on new bone to build up the jaw. Dental implants may be used for patients who were unable to use dentures previously because of insufficient bone.

In fact, implants can actually help to increase bone density and stop bone loss. The increase in bone density is a plus especially as compared to the traditional type of dentures, as those can actually damage bone as well as surrounding healthy teeth over time.

Another interesting side health benefit is that which comes from the ability to eat better and have a more complete diet. Often people with dental problems, particularly the elderly, do not get proper nutrition. One study showed that people with denture implants improved their ability to chew and, therefore, their nutrition intake. Follow up reports showed an increase in body fat as well as improved markers for nutrition levels in the blood tests given.

Dental implants usually do not require more than a local anesthetic, although sedation can be used if necessary. The procedure is normally no more painful than having a tooth pulled. Titanium screws are placed in the jaw to which the dentures will be anchored. As the bone heals around the screws, they will become fixed even more securely.

The whole process will usually takes just a few visits to the dentist over five or six months before it is complete. Success rate for the procedure is generally held to be around 95%. If problems occur, they normally happen in the first few months after, while the bone is in its healing phase. After that, you will need to have check-ups and may need the bite adjusted but no special treatment should be necessary, you will just need to brush and floss as normal.

Are there foods you have been missing, such as crunchy apples, corn on the cob, or a thick juicy steak? Are you tired of being afraid that your dentures will slip at the worst, most embarrassing, possible moment? If so, you should definitely look into denture implants. You can go back to the quality of life you were once enjoying.

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