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Gingival Recession Surgery Dubai

Gingival recession on the lower right central incisor treated with connective tissue graft. Defining gum recession – We have to define what this problem really is before we can get to why gums recede. Gingival or gum tissue recession is defined as the moving away or retraction of gums and bone from the teeth.

Causes – Gums recede from pressure on the teeth as well as the gum areas. Intense brushing by hard bristle toothbrushes, jaw imbalances and last but not least spicy or hot foods may all lead to this recession. The greatest cause of recession has been identified as bacteria produced by plaque which destroys gum tissue.

Other causes – Vitamin deficiencies may also possibly lead to recessions, thus it’s highly recommended that nutritional supplements be taken on a daily basis or as prescribed by your health care professional.

Signs and symptoms – Signs and symptoms of this recession in it’s initial phases are not visible to the naked eye. However there are signs you should keep a close eye on which have the potential of leading to gum recession including halitosis, loose teeth, oral pains or discomfort, tenderness and bleeding of gums.

Treatment options – Unfortunately, no cure is available for gingival recession except in the form of surgery which may not be suitable for most patients due to the fact that the problem may not be so severe that surgery be justified. Prevention should be your priority, which is very easily achieved by merely practicing proper oral hygiene on a daily basis. Go for your 6 monthly dental check up’s, brush your teeth and floss in manner and frequency prescribed by your dentist and make sure your techniques as well as toothbrush are suitable.

When to seek professional help? – Professional help should be called in as soon as any symptoms of gum recession present themselves or if you suffer from any discomfort or pain. Your physician will be able to prescribe a treatment to suit you best. Next: Learn what you can do at home to prevent gum recession. Follow the links below to learn more about this important topic.

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