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Gingival Surgery Dubai UAE : If you’ve got gingivitis, it’s imperative to get it treated. In its early stages, the treatment of gingivitis can be relatively easy. Antiseptic mouthwashes, brushing teeth frequently, flossing daily, and brushing the tongue as you brush your teeth will reduce bacteria in your mouth and prevent gingivitis, or reverse early cases of it.

The problem is, left unchecked, gingivitis can not only impact your dental health, but your overall health. Therefore, any time you see signs of tender gums (bleeding, red gums), you should contact your dentist.

However, gum disease treatment becomes much more complicated once gingivitis has truly taken hold and periodontal disease has set in. Traditionally, the treatment of gingivitis through surgery removes a lot of gum and can endanger teeth. That is, until the development of a new technique called Laser Assisted New Attachment Program, whereby diseased gum is removed without having to cut or stitch gums. Today, this is the only laser therapy approved by the FDA for surgery to treat periodontal disease.

Using laser surgery in the treatment of gingivitis

Although relatively few practitioners are versed in laser treatment for gingivitis, it’s becoming increasingly popular and may one day completely overtake conventional surgery in the treatment of gingivitis. Laser therapy for the treatment of gingivitis has been in existence for about 15 years, but has only been truly perfected recently, to where it’s been deemed acceptable for patient use.
ur insurance may not cover it.

Advantages of laser surgery for gum disease treatment

That said, though, if you are a candidate for gum disease treatment with laser surgery, the surgery itself is usually less painful for the patient (albeit more complicated for the surgeon), with less healing time, less inflammation, and less pain overall. At present, surgery results are not fully realized for a year, which can make it difficult to give accurate prognoses.

Prevention is still worth a pound of cure

Despite laser surgery’s relatively noninvasive nature in the treatment of gingivitis, experts stress that prevention of periodontal disease is still far preferable to having surgery to treat gingivitis once it’s taken hold. One of the most important things people have to do (and all too often don’t) for good gum health is to floss. Experts surmise that while brushing can remove about one third of plaque and debris from the teeth, only flossing can remove the other hidden two thirds.

The moral of the story? Even though laser surgery is promising in the treatment of gingivitis, gum disease treatment is less preferable than taking care of the problem before it ever takes hold for good.

So, practice good oral hygiene, see your dentist regularly (every six months) to have your teeth cleaned and checked, and catch any gingivitis signs early while they can still be reversed, without need for surgery.

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