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How Long Dental Implants Last ?

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Sometimes people lose tooth or teeth owing to old age or accidents. This leads them to the want of replacements for their teeth due to different reasons such as chewing and want of good appearance. The best way to deal with this predicament is to get you some dental implants. Dental implants and mini dental implants have emerged in the new era of dentistry as an effective tool for replacement of broken or lost teeth. They are immensely advantageous and beneficial to the user. But if you are in need of dental implants then there may be many doubts and apprehensions in your mind regarding them. You may want to know certain facts about them like how many people have been benefited by their use, what is their success rate and more importantly how long do they last.

Referring to the success rate and longevity of dental implants it can be stated that it depends upon some factors such as the nature of the bone on which they are placed that is if the bone is natural or grafted. In cases taken place so far, it is observed that there are 95% chances of the implants attaining success in case of natural bone. Whereas if it is placed on a grafted bone then the chances of success remains 85% to 90%. Hence a lot depends upon the type of bone on which it is placed. Another factor that will determine how long the implants last is the site in the mouth where they are fixed. If the person wearing the implants is a habitual smoker then there are two and half times lesser chances of their failing to yield good results and lasting long. Hence in case of smokers, the success rate is observed to be much lower as compared to that in non-smokers.

Many people across the world have used dental implants till this date and most of them have experienced positive results. Although there have been cases of failures of dental implants but they are very few and infrequent. With the above mentioned factors responsible for their success, the care taken by the patients is also important. For example, it is very important to maintain good hygiene in the mouth in order that cleanliness prevails around the implants. This will increase the chances of implants lasting longer and providing the desired results. Along with this, regular check up at the dentist both clinically and radio-graphically is essential to keep any complications at bay. Also the role of the dentist is also very important in this regard. It is suggested that a well experienced dentist should be consulted for good results. Dental implants last for about 25 years if they are properly maintained and taken care of. In the previous times they would not last so long as they do now because of the research and advancement taken place in this field.

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