Implants for Dentures

Implants for Dentures : A lot of people are skeptical if using implants for dentures is a good idea. Although dentists do recommend it, saying that it does have a lot of advantages, it is still a relatively new idea to most people. The term implants already sounds scary and intimidating plus people just get put off by the term. What people don’t know is that there are many advantages when using implants to secure your dentures

The transition from teeth to dentures can be traumatic for many dental patients. Anyone who has ever worn dentures will tell you that at times it can be a struggle. Wearing dentures can be uncomfortable for various reasons. Dental implants make the transition from teeth to dentures less traumatic for the patient.

Depending on the amount of underlying bone and tissue support, the stability of dentures can vary greatly. Upper dentures usually fit better than the lower dentures. However, even with the best results the patient can achieve, most will still feel uncomfortable chewing certain foods. Patients can have a fear of chewing in public due to the possibility that the false teeth will be expectorated. Because of this fear, many patients will turn to denture adhesives or avoid public situations.

Inability to completely taste and feel the texture of food is another disadvantage of wearing complete dentures as well as a complication of aging. Salivary production is decreased with old age. This can occur naturally or due to certain medications. With decreased saliva production patients will suffer from dry mouth, which can cause adverse surface changes in the tongue. This in turn leads to alteration in taste and decreased appetite. Poor appetite leads decreased frequency of food consumption and poor nutrition and ultimately compromised the overall health of the patient.

Tongue thrusting associated with nervous tension or with attempts to control a lower denture can lead to a sore tongue. Constant and habitual attempts to keep a loose upper denture in place can cause these changes as well. Dental implants provide the needed stability for the dentures, which allows them to stay comfortably in place.

Until recently patients had no choice but to accept the only option available to them.

One of the main advantages of dental implants for denture patients is denture stability. Even in dental patients with poor alveolar bone support denture stability during function can be successfully achieved. The majority of the denture support comes from the dental implants. The tissue plays a more passive role. A well-anchored dental implant can provide a significant amount of denture retention and piece of mind for the patient. This also eliminates the need for denture adhesive use.

Another advantage of a dental implant supported denture is that the upper denture is the size of a lower denture. This opens up the roof of the mouth (hard palate), which in turn provides more salivary flow, which aids with mastication. It also allows the patient to feel the texture of the food.

The predictably successful replacement of natural teeth by dental implants, have advanced dental treatment significantly. The advantages that dental implants provide for an edentulous patient are enormous. The transition from having teeth to having no teeth can be more gradual and less traumatic for the patient.

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