Invisalign Braces FAQs

Invisalign Braces Why | What | Where | How. There has been a very great deal of talk recently about Invisalign braces which, if you weren’t already aware, are invisible braces used instead of traditional metal or wire braces for teeth alignment.

Referred to as either invisible braces or clear braces, Invisalign braces have significantly changed the way in which people are able to undergo teeth alignment, and there are a great many very clear advantages from using such a system compared with traditional braces. But whilst it is very easy for people to write and talk about how fantastic it is that Invisalign braces mean that people will barely be able to notice whether someone is wearing braces or not, quite apart from any other advantages and benefits which they offer, relatively little has been written regarding the reasons why some people have decided against Invisalign braces.

Whilst it is almost certainly the case that the very many benefits outweigh any potential disadvantages, as with any cosmetic treatment that is likely to have long-term results, it is very important that anyone considering teeth alignment through the wearing of braces thinks very seriously about the implications of wearing Invisalign braces.

It is generally considered that there are three main advantages that come from wearing invisible braces compared to traditional wire braces. The first of these advantages is of course the most obvious point, and that is that Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, which means that anybody wearing them will benefit from the fact that almost nobody else will know that they even have braces in at all.

One of the common reasons why some people choose not to wear braces or have any teeth alignment done is simply because of the concerns they have regarding their appearance, and the impact this will have on their self-confidence. When you bear in mind that normally wearing braces is a commitment to at least two to three years of wear, it’s a very significant factor. Wearing clear braces that are virtually undetectable is a huge advantage, and one of the main reasons why people are choosing Invisalign.

Another of the benefits which Invisalign has to offer as far as their braces is concerned is that the overall period of time a patient is required to wear the braces is significantly less than normal. Compared to a two to three year period of wearing braces, a patient wearing a set of Invisalign braces usually only needs to wear them for a few months for the alignment to be completed.

The third advantage is that the eventual results are usually much more accurate and precise than traditionally achieved, primarily because of the fact that the entire process is planned precisely by a computer using virtual reality simulations.

So it’s clear to see the reasons why people choose Invisalign braces, but what of the other side of the coin? It is important to be aware that if you choose to wear Invisalign braces your need to have a good deal of self-discipline. Unlike with most braces, it is very easy to take invisible braces out at any time. This is ideal if you happen to have a special photograph session, or want to clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can with a normal brace, or eat a sesame seed bun or peanut butter sandwich without regretting it for hours afterwards.

But it’s also important not to forget to put the braces back in. Leaving it just a couple of hours could result in you being unable to put the brace back in afterwards, and you could end up having to start the treatment all over again. If you’re not good with self-discipline, then you’ll need to think long and hard about choosing Invisalign braces.

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