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Invisalign : The Ultimate Alternative To Braces

Invisalign Dubai UAE : Invisalign uses, procedure, cost, prices and more – Invisalign treatment, recovery & cost Info. Invisalign costs, types, information and advice. The Ultimate Alternative To Braces. With all of the attention that breast cancer and other cancers like Hodgkin’s, prostate, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer attract, so few people think to check for cancer in the mouth. But, each year over 35,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. And according to the American Cancer Society, about 25% of oral cancer patients will die of the disease within five years of diagnosis.

According to the ADA, oral cancer can develop on the lips, gum tissue, inner cheek, tongue, roof of the mouth, or in the throat. The ADA also notes that tobacco and alcohol use are the top risk factors for oral cancer, but this disease can develop without any warning.

Although this disease can develop without any symptoms, there are several key symptoms people should recognize and check for to catch the cancer early. The Consumer’s Guide to Dentistry notes that continuous pain in the mouth, sores or bumps, oral lesions, difficulty moving the mouth and jaw, difficulty swallowing or chewing, sore throats, bumps in the neck, excessive pain in one ear, unexplained bleeding from the tongue, gums, or checks, or numbness in a specific area of the mouth or jaw could all point to the presence of cancerous cells.


Checking for this disease should start at home. Though it’s not scientifically conclusive, people need to check themselves for oral cancer and visit their dentist for a full oral examination if there is a hint of trouble. Without those self-exams in the bathroom mirror, people could be overlooking serious health issues.During regular dental checkups, dentists perform a standard examination of the mouth for this disease and other major oral diseases. If the dentist finds an area of the mouth to be suspicious, he or she may perform further testing.

These tests may include collecting tissue for lab testing, urine or blood samples. Alternatively, the dentist may have special oral cancer equipment to check specifically for the presence of oral cancer. Dentists can use the ViziLite system in addition to standard visual examination. ViziLite uses a dye and a special light frequency that work together to turn cancerous cells white. It is a quick process and painless, and the results can save lives.

Doctors may use X-rays, CT scans, an MRI, or ultrasound to identify the presence of oral cancer and the mass and contours of the cancerous cells. Upon the suspicion of oral cancer, patients are recommended to have both a dentist and doctor test for cancer.


This disease is highly treatable in its early stages. If suspicious cells are found, patients will visit a doctor or oncologist for surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. However, treatment of oral cancer often damages healthy cells and tissues, producing unwanted side effects.

Surgically removing small tumors may have no ill effects, but removal of a large tumor may necessitate the partial removal of hard palate, tongue, or jaw bone. This may alter speech abilities or even the patient’s facial structure.

It’s unfortunate that surgically removing tumors from the mouth can damage a face so much. But, if there is bone loss, plastic surgeons can fix that. And if there’s tooth loss, there are excellent restorative dentists out there to make people look like there was never any tooth loss at all. In most cases, patients can leave with a better smile than they had before surgery. It’s scary, but well-worth the value of living a full life.

nearly all oral cancer patients treated with radiation therapy develop side effects. These effects vary depending upon the levels of radiation administered, and can include mild symptoms like fatigue, dry mouth, sore throat, or jaw stiffness. Side effects can also include more severe problems like thyroid irregularities, infection, delayed healing, skin changes, and damage to voice quality.

Chemotherapy can yield similar negative effects to radiation therapy, but can also result in deep pains and oral bleeding. Also, the most common problem associated with chemotherapy is the damage done to bodily cells like red blood cells, hair cells, and cells that line the digestive tract.

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