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Lumineers Dubai : Dental lumineers dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & prices in Dubai UAE. Lumineers dentists apply these thin porcelain tooth coverings to improve the looks of teeth that have problems. Most lumineers dentists will tell you that this procedure was designed to correct teeth with a minimal amount of reconstruction being done to the natural tooth, or surrounding teeth.

Most people consider lumineers dentists to be “cosmetic dentists”. This assumption is due to the fact that lumineers are porcelain overlays that cover imperfections of the teeth. People who want to enhance their looks often have this procedure performed. Actors even have this procedure performed to change their appearances for different characters they are portraying.

The main problems that a lumineers dentist can correct are purely cosmetic. Some of the most common afflictions that people have addressed by getting lumineers are:

• Stained, or discolored teeth. Some stains on tooth enamel can be removed by whitening products and procedures, but when the stain reaches below the surface enamel, and into the dentin of the teeth, the removal may be impossible. This type of tooth discoloration is usually either genetic, meaning you inherited the condition from your parents, or caused by medications. There are some antibiotics that leave the teeth permanently stained. Lumineers are placed over the natural teeth so that the patient appears to have a mouth filled with pearly whites.

• Teeth that are misaligned can be corrected through the use of lumineers. Really crooked teeth that require a lot of building up, and possible bracing by an orthodontist, cannot be corrected with these porcelain overlays. If however, you have teeth that are chipped, or slightly uneven, you can get these covers placed on them and create a uniform appearance of your teeth.

• Teeth that have gaps between them that are wider than normal can be corrected using lumineers. You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “she can eat corn through a barbed wire fence”. That statement refers to someone that has an extremely wide gap between their two front teeth. The gap poses no dental complications, but people often like to have them reduced. Many people get braces placed on their teeth to correct gaps that are too wide, but when the gap is considered moderate by the dentist they may suggest lumineers instead of braces to correct the condition.

Problems that these porcelain veneers are not recommended for include the following:

• Extremely crooked teeth need braces not veneers

• People who have overbites and other problems with their bites matching correctly. This type of dental problem should be addressed by an orthodontist, and although it may seem minor to some, this is a dental problem that can intensify over time

Missing teeth cannot be solved with this treatment

Cavities cannot be covered in this manner until they have been drilled and filled, by the dentist

Tori will not be reduced through the use of this procedure

Teeth that are extremely large for the individuals mouth may not be corrected using veneers

Teeth that have begun to show decay at the gum line should not be covered with veneers

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