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Maxillofacial Surgery Dubai : Incorrect Jaw Alignment

Maxillofacial Surgery Dubai : Incorrect Jaw Alignment. TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint. It is a disorder that affects the jaw joint and muscles surrounding the joint. Although some people feel symptoms of TMJ after receiving an injury to the face, most people start to feel symptoms for no obvious reason.

There is good news though – although the pain can be debilitating, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious problem. Often, the pain and symptoms of TMJ can go away with little or no treatment.

Sadly, what often happens with TMJ sufferers is they are convinced that the only treatment option available to them is an aggressive one – usually surgery. A much better plan of attack is to start out with simple adjustments.

For instance: A person with TMJ could try to only eat soft foods like soups and rice – any food which will not require an intense amount of chewing. As an example, steak and beef jerkey would not be a wise choice. Also, chewing gum or caramel should be avoided for awhile to lessen the tension put on the jaw muscles.

As far as surgery being considered in treating TMJ, it is important to note that generally, only 5% of people who suffer from TMJ require surgery. This is mainly due to particular bone structure which causes the jaw to be put out of alignment.

Pain alone is not a reason to undergo a TMJ jaw surgery, as the pain level tends to stays the same or even increase. When diagnosed with TMJ it is often hard to find the right care and guidance, as there is yet no certified specialty in either the dentistry or medical arena.8384

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