Mini Implants For Dentures

Mini Implants For Dentures : A lot of people, and a good percentage of those people being senior citizens, need dentures. Compared to fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers, mini Implants For Dentures are good solutions for certain teeth problems.

Are you tired of using removable dentures? Wearing one only introduces new problems like gum sores or speech difficulty. Getting all-on-four denture implants are better to replace lost teeth so you can restore the complete functionality of your mouth.

Removable dentures used to be the only option when it comes to replacing lost teeth. People with missing teeth had problems with speaking and eating, getting dentures helped them resolve these problems. The design, however, did not look natural. It was obvious when a person is wearing dentures because of the color of the gums.

Dentures are also difficult to maintain. You have to remove it before you sleep and soak it in a glass of water. It needs extra care whenever you brush your teeth. It becomes loose over time so you may experience slippage once in a while. This can be embarrassing when you are talking. You have to buy adhesives to keep them intact. These adhesives help them stick to the roof of your oral cavity. Using removable dentures is time consuming as you have to take effort in maintaining them. Moving to dental mini implants saves you from all of these troubles.

Dental implants are devices affixed to your teeth. They are more stable and permanently placed on your gums. Mini implants act as replacements for your missing teeth. They appear more natural and you do not have to take it out to clean as you can brush them like your natural teeth. No more using of foul tasting dental adhesives that may mix with your food.

With mini implants, you do not have to adjust to the pain of wearing dentures. Some people complain about their dentures not fitting properly when worn for the first time. You need to return them if this happens. Save time and effort with a one-step surgery offering results of a lifetime.

In extreme cases of teeth loss, you can get all-on-four denture implants. This type of procedure gives you not one replacement but a whole set. Using four screws, dentists will affix a straight row as a replacement. This makes your teeth appear more natural while giving you a perfectly shaped set. The procedure also requires minimal recovery time.

Your facial structure adjusts when you lose a single tooth. As time passes, you jaw begins to shrink and gives you an unnecessary old lady or old man look. Wrinkles will start appearing at the ends of your lips taking away your youthful glow. The shrinkage will also lead to painful and irregular bites. You can save yourself from premature aging with all-on-four permanent dentures.

Consult your dentist about the procedure and find out if it is the right one for you. Walk into the clinic and come out with a perfect set of teeth to smile about.

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