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Orthognathic Surgery Dubai : What is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic Surgery Dubai : Find the Best Orthognathic Surgery Clinics & Hospitals in Dubai UAE. Orthognathic Surgery Dubai Cost, Prices & Reviews. Orthognathic surgery is a form of surgery that is important for the construction of one’s face. This is a form of surgery that involves handling conditions that impact the jaw. This surgery is generally used when braces do not work for a certain condition.

Orthognathic surgery involves the handling of jaw for a variety of different conditions. Among the conditions that this surgery can handle include cleft palate conditions, improper growth conditions and in many cases sleep apnea conditions. These will work to help with getting one’s jaw and mouth to be able to work properly.

In this surgery plates or screws are generally used to help with getting the jaw bones to be able to be bolted together properly. This is so it will be easier for the patient’s jaw bones to work in a good manner and to adjust to a new pattern that is closer to being normal.

This is an important type of surgery for many people. In many cases a person who needs surgery can have difficult time breathing or speaking as a result of a cleft palate or other facial condition regarding the jaw. This can be especially useful for serious cases where orthodontics will not be able to work properly.

There are some things to note about orthognathic surgery though. First in this form of surgery the upper or lower part of the jaw will be separated from the face temporarily. This is so that it will be easier for the surgeon to adjust the jaw to its proper position.

Another factor deals with the effects of the surgery on a patient. After the surgery occurs there will be some swelling in the jaw area. This is a natural effect of the surgery and will last for only a few days in most cases. Because of this effect a patient will need to stay at a hospital overnight after the surgery. That patient will also need to take medication to control the pain from the surgery.

Some screws might be planted into the jaw on a temporary basis as well. A liquid diet will be required for a few weeks as a result. After the screws are removed after a period of time braces may be needed for a few months as a means of keeping the patient’s teeth from going back to their original position.

Orthognathic surgery is a type of surgery that can work to correct various jaw problems including growth problems or a cleft palate. It is a helpful surgery for anyone who needs it but it will be important to know that it can take months to be able to fully recover from this surgery.

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