Periodontal Surgery Dubai

Periodontal Surgery Dubai UAE : Periodontal surgery is a reshaping surgical procedure created to restore normal functioning of lost periodontal structures. These structures support our teeth like ligaments, bones and gum tissues.

The surgery contains multiple procedures:

a) Periodontal (osseous) Surgery
b) Gum grafting
c) Crown lengthening
d) Cosmetic periodontal procedures
e) Lost tooth attachment
f) Treatment of gum recession

Apart from these surgical procedures, there are some non-surgical procedures which are cost-effective. Treatments include scaling, root planning, plaque removal, adjunctive therapies like local delivery antimicrobials and host modulations..

Will the surgery hurt you?

The surgery itself seems like a dangerous procedure and surely has surprises associated with it. The sounds one can hear during surgeries scares people. Also, the pressure of the surgeries is too much. However, the use of local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide makes the treatment quite relaxing.

Post treatment pains and issues

You can expect some amount of soreness in the initial days.

– Increased swelling, bleeding, discomfort and numbness
– Pain usually occurs in surgeries involving the opening of a flap & gingival graft procedures.
– Pain post 3 days of surgery is normal and should then decrease throughout the healing process.
– Pains lasting more than 3 days means you have a problem.
– They are a result of long surgical procedures, tissue trauma, poor local anesthesia, poor tissue handling or poor infection control measures.
– Another usual problem being encountered by many patients is susceptibility to hot foods.

Steps to Minimize Pains

Periodontal surgeries can be gentle and peaceful if you follow some simple steps. Dentists have suggested some great measures to help you minimize your pains after the treatment.

Some of them are:

a) Applying ice at 20 minute intervals to decrease swelling.
b) Gym and heavy lifting are to be avoided for the first 3 days.
c) Avoid smoking & alcohol in any manner possible.
d) Pain medication should be taken whether you feel it or not.
e) The food intake should be cool, soft and light. Spicy and hot foods are to be discouraged. Yogurt, soft drinks, sliced soft fruits, cereals, fish, and eggs should be eaten.
f) Use warm salt rinses to clean your teeth. Brushing should be avoided.
g) To avoid bleeding, you can put some pressure on the area with a damp gauze or wet teabag.


The very process of periodontics sounds scary and dreading. However, personal experiences of many suggest that it’s not the actual process but everything else associated with it is difficult to digest. If you are going for a periodontal surgery make sure to discuss the details with your dentist and follow certain procedures.

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