Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery Dubai : Periodontal surgery is used to treat periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are caused due to bacterial action. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained, teeth become breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria secrete harmful chemicals and form a colorless plaque on the teeth. Because of periodontal diseases, the tissues of the gum and bone are destroyed. If too much of bony tissues are lost, the teeth may have to be extracted.

Periodontal surgery is recommended only in cases when nonsurgical procedures cannot repair the damaged tissues around your teeth. It is a specialized procedure and cannot be performed by general dentists. It has to be performed by a qualified dental surgeon. It is Periodontal diseases, if detected early, can be corrected by means of regenerative techniques. As the name implies, these procedures encourage the body to regenerate damaged tissues. These procedures involve the removal of infected tissues.

Periodontal surgery is a painless procedure. This is because better sedatives and anesthetic agents are available today and better surgical techniques have also been developed. Using these refined techniques, periodontal surgery can be performed as comfortably as any other normal dental procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety, the use of sedatives is highly recommended. Depending on your body and the procedure, different types of sedatives may be used. The type of sedatives to be used will be determined by the dentist.

After periodontal surgery is completed, it may take some time to heal completely. During this time, it is very important to follow the instructions prescribed by the dentist. You can expect to be back to your normal daily routine one day after the surgery is completed. Special precautions may have to be taken when it comes to diet, exercise or follow-up. You should talk to your dentist about it. These are essential to prevent any disruption to your normal daily activities.

Periodontal surgery procedures in Dubai are covered by insurance companies. Insurance may not completely cover the entire fee, but a large percentage is usually covered. You may have to talk to your dentist about payment options. Usually, the dentist will directly deal with the insurance company and you may not have to do any of the paperwork.

Periodontal Surgery Dubai

What is Periodontal Surgery? Periodontal surgery is a reshaping surgical procedure created to restore normal functioning of lost periodontal structures. These structures support our teeth like ligaments, bones and gum tissues. The surgery contains multiple procedures:

  • Periodontal (osseous) Surgery
  • Gum grafting
  • Crown lengthening
  • Cosmetic periodontal procedures
  • Lost tooth attachment
  • Treatment of gum recession

Apart from these surgical procedures, there are some non-surgical procedures which are cost-effective. Treatments include scaling, root planning, plaque removal, adjunctive therapies like local delivery antimicrobials and host modulations..

Will the surgery hurt you? The surgery itself seems like a dangerous procedure and surely has surprises associated with it. The sounds one can hear during surgeries scares people. Also, the pressure of the surgeries is too much. However, the use of local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide makes the treatment quite relaxing.

Post treatment pains and issues : You can expect some amount of soreness in the initial days.

  • Increased swelling, bleeding, discomfort and numbness
  • Pain usually occurs in surgeries involving the opening of a flap & gingival graft procedures.
  • Pain post 3 days of surgery is normal and should then decrease throughout the healing process.
  • Pains lasting more than 3 days means you have a problem.
  • They are a result of long surgical procedures, tissue trauma, poor local anesthesia, poor tissue handling or poor infection control measures.
  • Another usual problem being encountered by many patients is susceptibility to hot foods.

Steps to Minimize Pains : Periodontal surgeries can be gentle and peaceful if you follow some simple steps. Dentists have suggested some great measures to help you minimize your pains after the treatment. Some of them are:

  • Applying ice at 20 minute intervals to decrease swelling.
  • Gym and heavy lifting are to be avoided for the first 3 days.
  • Avoid smoking & alcohol in any manner possible.
  • Pain medication should be taken whether you feel it or not.
  • The food intake should be cool, soft and light. Spicy and hot foods are to be discouraged. Yogurt, soft drinks, sliced soft fruits, cereals, fish, and eggs should be eaten.
  • Use warm salt rinses to clean your teeth. Brushing should be avoided.
  • To avoid bleeding, you can put some pressure on the area with a damp gauze or wet teabag.

The very process of periodontics sounds scary and dreading. However, personal experiences of many suggest that it’s not the actual process but everything else associated with it is difficult to digest. If you are going for a periodontal surgery make sure to discuss the details with your dentist and follow certain procedures.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Options

eriodontal disease is a disease that affects periodontal tissues. It affects the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, cementum and the gum line. Periodontal diseases are classified into two categories, namely gingivitis and periodontitis. They are very common and affect a large number of people. If left unchecked or untreated the infection can spread to the bone and cause destruction of tissues. In such cases, the teeth will have to be extracted.

Treatment options for periodontal disease include regenerative and surgical procedures. Periodontal surgery is used only when it is believed that regenerative procedures will not work. The aim of the treatment is to remove the bacteria that are causing the infection. If the disease is in initial stages, it can be effectively treated by using antibiotics. Proper oral hygiene is very important during the entire treatment procedure. If detected early, periodontal diseases can be easily controlled by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Scaling and root planning are common treatment procedures which are employed to treat periodontal disease. Scaling is performed to remove the plaque layer from the teeth. The plaque layer is mechanically scraped off the teeth. Ultrasonic instruments may be used to remove the scales. Root planning is done to make the surface of the teeth’s mouth softer so that plaque cannot build up.

Depending on the extent of infection, the treatment procedure will vary. In case of moderate periodontal disease, the procedure is the same as that of mild — scaling and root planning are performed and antibiotics are prescribed. However, more visits are required if the infection is more severe. Typically, four visits are needed. In the case of extreme periodontal disease, there may be a loss of bony tissue due to spread of infection. The surgical procedure may be more invasive and in case of extensive damage to the bone tissue, bone grafting may be required.

Maintenance of proper oral hygiene is an essential part of the treatment procedure. This is called “periodontal maintenance”. It is also very essential to visit the dentist once in every three months for reevaluation. Regular cleanings are also required to prevent the bacteria from repopulating the tissues. If infection is detected in the initial stages, the treatment options are much more successful. For this reason, it is recommended to visit the dentist often after periodontal treatment.

Periodontal Surgery Dubai


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