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Periodontists in Dubai : Gum Specialist Dubai

Periodontists Dubai UAE : Gum disease treatment by periodontists in Dubai UAE. Find best gum disease treatment Dubai & best periodontists in Dubai. A periodontist in Dubai is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are also experts in the treatment of oral inflammation. Best periodontists in Dubai have a wide array of tools available to fight gum disease.

Treatment generally starts with the least invasive and costly measures, which are non-surgical procedures. These include scaling and root planing, where special hand-held instruments are used to clean the root surfaces of the teeth. Lasers are sometimes used in this procedure, and some patients also receive antimicrobial medications. The removal of dental plaque and hardened calculus (tartar) from tooth surfaces that lie under the gums is sometimes enough to resolve a patient’s gum disease—especially when followed up with a conscientious maintenance program.

If periodontal disease has progressed to the point where gum tissue no longer fits snugly against the teeth, minor gum surgery may be needed. A small “flap” may be opened in the gum tissue, enabling infected tissue and bacteria to be removed from an infected “pocket” under the gums; healthier gum tissue can then begin naturally reattaching to bone. This “pocket reduction” surgery is an effective treatment which, in many cases, stops the progression of periodontal disease.

Gum disease can erode bone in the jaw and damage the tissues that surround and support your teeth; left untreated, it may eventually lead to tooth loss. To help reverse the damage, your periodontist in Dubai may recommend various regenerative procedures. Bone grafts, gum grafts and tissue-stimulating growth factors can be used to repair damage to these tooth-supporting structures, and help you preserve your natural teeth.

Gingival Recession Surgery Dubai

Gingival recession on the lower right central incisor treated with connective tissue graft. Defining gum recession – We have to define what this problem really is before we can get to why gums recede. Gingival or gum tissue recession is defined as the moving away or retraction of gums and bone from the teeth. Causes – Gums recede from pressure on the teeth as well as the gum areas. Intense brushing by hard bristle toothbrushes, jaw imbalances and last but not least spicy or hot foods may all lead to this recession. The greatest cause of recession has been identified as bacteria produced by plaque which destroys gum tissue. Other causes – Vitamin deficiencies may also possibly lead to recessions, thus it’s highly recommended that nutritional supplements be taken on a daily basis or as prescribed by your health care professional. Signs and symptoms – Signs and symptoms of this …

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Periodontal Surgery Dubai

Periodontal Surgery Dubai UAE : Periodontal surgery is used to treat periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are caused due to bacterial action. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained, teeth become breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria secrete harmful chemicals and form a colorless plaque on the teeth. Because of periodontal diseases, the tissues of the gum and bone are destroyed. If too much of bony tissues are lost, the teeth may have to be extracted. Periodontal surgery is recommended only in cases when nonsurgical procedures cannot repair the damaged tissues around your teeth. It is a specialized procedure and cannot be performed by general dentists. It has to be performed by a qualified dental surgeon. It is Periodontal diseases, if detected early, can be corrected by means of regenerative techniques. As the name implies, these procedures encourage the body to regenerate damaged tissues. These procedures involve the removal of infected tissues. …

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Laser Gum Surgery Dubai

Laser Gum Surgery Dubai UAE : This is a treatment that has just been recently developed for treating gum disease. With this surgery it will remove gum tissue that is diseased using a laser light. It is a procedure that no scalpel is used. How long the procedure takes will depend on how much of the gum tissue is diseased. Most patients say that there is very little discomfort there are many dentists that will give or offer their patients a local anesthetic. In order to make sure that the healing process is successful the patient will have to follow the instructions of the dentist strictly when they return home. This surgery was developed in the 1990’s in the state of California. In 2004 it received medical approval to be done in the US. It is referred to as the Laser-assisted new Attachment Procedure (LANAP). In order to perform laser …

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Gum Graft Surgery Dubai

Gum Graft Surgery Dubai UAE : Periodontal gum grafting procedures are available for many patients who are experiencing a thinning or recession of gum tissue on one tooth or a series of teeth. Periodontal Tunnel Grafting is a specialized procedure that enables the insertion of either exogenous (donated) or endogenous (patient is the donor) tissue beneath the gingiva, creating an aesthetic outcome of plump gums without visible scar tissue. Gingivitis when left unattended can create a situation which requires gum graft surgery. This disease known as periodontitis is quite painful, as it can leave both the roots of the teeth, and even bone exposed. During the gum graft surgery a very thin layer of skin will be removed from the individual’s upper palette as donor tissue for the damaged gums. Unlike years ago, people suffering from this advanced stage of gingivitis have the opportunity to save their natural teeth. Both …

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Gum Lift Surgery Dubai

Gum Lift Surgery Dubai UAE : A gum lift is a cosmetic dental procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line. This procedure involves reshaping the tissue and/or underlying bones to create the appearance of longer or symmetrical teeth, thereby making the smile more aesthetically pleasing. This procedure is typically done to reduce excessively gummy smiles or to balance out an asymmetrical gum line. The procedure, also known as crown-lengthening, has historically been used to treat gum disease. It is only within the past three to five years that dentists have commonly used this procedure for aesthetic purposes. The practice of cosmetic gum lifts was first developed in the late 1980s, but there were few oral surgeons and dental practitioners available to perform the procedures. Gum lifts can also include bone shaping to reduce the prominence of the upper jaw and even out the tooth and gum ratio. This method …

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Gum Surgery Dubai : Gum Surgery for Receding Gums

Gum Surgery Dubai : Gum Surgery for Receding Gums. It is not only the teeth that are part of dental surgery. Gum surgery falls under this as well. The purpose of your gums is to give shape and form to the contours of your mouth and provide as a frame for your teeth. Sometimes teeth may appear too long or too short, which is a clear sign of gum disease or recession. Many people opt for cosmetic surgery on their gums to keep their smile looking perfect. There are only two types of cosmetic gum surgical procedures done; when gums are large (excessive gingival display) or when the gums are too small (gum recession). A “gummy smile” happens when the teeth are too worn, or a long jawbone, or a short upper lip that causes the teeth to appear small and the gums appear large. A long tooth smile (excessive …

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Gingival Surgery Dubai

Gingival Surgery Dubai UAE : If you’ve got gingivitis, it’s imperative to get it treated. In its early stages, the treatment of gingivitis can be relatively easy. Antiseptic mouthwashes, brushing teeth frequently, flossing daily, and brushing the tongue as you brush your teeth will reduce bacteria in your mouth and prevent gingivitis, or reverse early cases of it. The problem is, left unchecked, gingivitis can not only impact your dental health, but your overall health. Therefore, any time you see signs of tender gums (bleeding, red gums), you should contact your dentist. However, gum disease treatment becomes much more complicated once gingivitis has truly taken hold and periodontal disease has set in. Traditionally, the treatment of gingivitis through surgery removes a lot of gum and can endanger teeth. That is, until the development of a new technique called Laser Assisted New Attachment Program, whereby diseased gum is removed without having …

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Laser Gummy Smile Correction Dubai

Gum tissues exposed while smiling is called “Gummy smile”. The treatment of gummy smile involve resection of soft tissues and underlaying bone performed by erbium laser. A perfect smile is that what everyone will crazily wish to have! Often, this dream seems to be interrupted with one’s gummy smile. You may have the protruding gum tissues. It looks so upsetting when you go social. You will feel to have a quick treatment sooner. Fortunately, we have an efficient dental solution to your gummy smile. You will not now have to live your life with it forever. You can now be as beautiful as you ever dream to be with your ideal smile! Let’s overview the gummy smile, its causes and possible treatment options. What causes a gummy smile The gummy smile may vary in reasons to occur. Unattractive Smile Line – a consequence of an unjust spreading of gum tissues, …

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Periodontal Surgery Dubai

Periodontal Surgery Dubai UAE : Periodontal surgery is a reshaping surgical procedure created to restore normal functioning of lost periodontal structures. These structures support our teeth like ligaments, bones and gum tissues. The surgery contains multiple procedures: a) Periodontal (osseous) Surgery b) Gum grafting c) Crown lengthening d) Cosmetic periodontal procedures e) Lost tooth attachment f) Treatment of gum recession Apart from these surgical procedures, there are some non-surgical procedures which are cost-effective. Treatments include scaling, root planning, plaque removal, adjunctive therapies like local delivery antimicrobials and host modulations.. Will the surgery hurt you? The surgery itself seems like a dangerous procedure and surely has surprises associated with it. The sounds one can hear during surgeries scares people. Also, the pressure of the surgeries is too much. However, the use of local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide makes the treatment quite relaxing. Post treatment pains and issues You can …

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Top Dentists in Dubai

Top Dentists in Dubai UAE : Top Dubai Dentists Reviewed. Different Types of Dental Specialists in Dubai. What Are All the Different Types of Dentists?

Top Dentists in Dubai UAE : Top Dubai Dentists Reviewed. Different Types of Dental Specialists in Dubai. What Are All the Different Types of Dentists? There are several types of dentists for specific dental care needs. Here are some dental specialists and what exactly they do. When you think of dentistry, you may imagine your family dental office where you regularly go for teeth cleanings and checkups. But, the profession expands much farther than this and your general dentist is just one speciality in the field. Curious about what other types of dentists there are? You’ve come to the right place. General Dentist A general dentist is also known as a family dentist and takes care of your oral health on a regular basis. This is the most common type of dentist and the majority of their work revolves around important preventative oral care. This includes regular dental cleanings, dental X-rays, …

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