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Reasons People Have a Dental Veneer Procedure

Dental Veneers Dubai UAE : Porcelain veneer uses, procedure, cost, prices and more – dental veneers treatment, recovery & cost info. Dental veneer costs, types, information and advice. The fitting of dental veneers is one of the latest and more popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. A tooth veneer is a wafer-thin shell made of porcelain or resin composite material. Veneers are normally bonded on the front surface of the teeth to fix a number of defects such as broken or chipped teeth, discoloration, gaps between teeth and poorly shaped teeth. They are mostly recommended by dentists to conserve teeth structure and give a glossy, beautiful appearance.

Dental Veneers Procedure

The dental veneers procedure is usually a two or three appointment process which requires a few minor teeth preparations. During the first visit, the dentist will examine your teeth, take dental x-rays, and then explain whether you are a suitable candidate for dental veneers. You will also have to explain the type of outcome you desire. The dentist may in some cases recommend teeth whitening instead of veneers. After the preliminary consultation, the dentist will get down to work.

A dutiful cosmetic dentist will consider a number of factors such as your facial structure, gum color, hair color, complexion, etc. They will then customize a smile shape based on this information. This is usually done in a dental laboratory and your custom-built veneer is ready within a week or so. Next is the try-in process, where the dentist will temporary attach the veneer to your teeth to see if it fits correctly and the color is suitable. An added try-in appointment may be scheduled until your smile looks perfect. The veneer will then be permanently bonded to your tooth and any final modifications will be made as needed.

Post-procedure Care

This dental solution is known to last long, but it’s important that you schedule regular visits to the dentist for checkups and cleanings. This will help to maintain your oral health as well as prolong the life of the veneers. Avoid biting or chewing on hard objects to protect your veneers from fracturing or chipping. It may take some time to get used to the feel of your new bite. Brush and floss daily and continue to follow your normal oral hygiene practices.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers offer a number of advantages. Firstly, they are extremely natural looking. Darker or yellow teeth can easily be whitened using this dentistry procedure. Also, porcelain veneers are exceptionally stain-resistant and the gum tissue tolerates the porcelain material quite well. What’s more is that veneers provide a preservation approach and do not require a lot of shaping before the procedure. They are actually a stronger and more aesthetic option and the results are utterly remarkable.

The Cost

The costs of dental veneers vary depending on many factors. The dentist fees, the scope of the procedure, the number of veneers needed, and the location of treatment, are some of the factors that influence the cost of this dental procedure. The cost may range from $500 to $1500 per tooth. This cost also varies depending on the material used. Porcelain veneers are more costly than resin composite veneers, but are more durable.

Reasons People Have a Dental Veneer Procedure. Dental veneers are used to change the shape, color, size or length of teeth. This dental solution will dramatically change your appearance, and most likely boost your self-confidence.

There are several different reasons why people might choose to have a dental veneer placed over their teeth. Only the dentist can tell you if one of these procedures will be beneficial in your situation. The following are a few of the main reasons why people choose a dental veneer procedure.

When a person has teeth that are extremely discolored they often do everything they can to lighten them. People use dental whiteners that are sold over the counter, and they use home remedies to try and whiten their teeth, and they go to the dentist to have their teeth professionally whitened. If the discoloration is caused by certain medications the patient takes or has taken in the past dental porcelain covers may be the only solution because whitening products cannot correct the damage these medications have caused.

When a person has a piece of a tooth break off they often have one of these procedures done so the tooth does not look broken. If the tooth is in the back of their mouth they may have it crowned, but when the broken tooth is in the front of the mouth so that every time you smile someone can see the chip the use of dental porcelain is more appropriate.

Sometimes our teeth come in and they are not all the same size. This causes your mouth to look out of proportion and causes people to try and hide their teeth by not smiling. Dental porcelain covers can create the illusion that all of the teeth are the correct size and give people with this condition the confidence to smile openly.

Sometimes these items are used to change a person’s appearance. When an actor plays a role they frequently need to alter their teeth so that they look different. Larger teeth will change the face shape and teeth that are discolored and appear broken are put in place to make someone look as if they are a drug user. The adhesive that is used for this type of application is different from the adhesive that is used when the dentist wants the porcelain to remain in place for as long as possible.

Sometimes these items are used as protective coverings for the teeth. They are put into place to protect the natural teeth rather than to cover up the appearance of the natural teeth. The dentist has to decide when this type of protection can be beneficial to a patient.

A dental veneer is mostly used as a cosmetic improvement on the appearance of the teeth in a person’s mouth. They are often used in the place of caps and crowns that were once very popular. They are only placed on adult teeth and are not practical for the teeth of children and adolescents. Because they cause some damage to the natural tooth they deserve careful consideration before you decide to have these items placed in your mouth. Talk with your dentist and get advice on whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

A dental veneer can be used when teeth are discolored by the medications a person takes. The dental veneer can also be used instead of the older crowns when a tooth has been chipped or broken.

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