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Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai : How much does teeth whitening cost in Dubai. Teeth whitening dentists in Dubai reviews, cost & prices. Best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Dubai. Many people avoid things that they think is going to cost them too much of their discretionary income. Some women want tanner skin but don’t want the cost of the tanning bed, so they opt for natural sunlight or a drug store self tanning lotion to get their bronze glow. Some people want to have their nails and toes done in a salon, but don’t want to spend the cost of having a licensed professional do them, so they buy nail polish and dress up their nails on their own.

The good thing is that not all beauty regimens require one to skimp in order to enjoy these luxuries. For example, teeth whitening cost doesn’t have to be in the thousands as many people think it is. Naturally one can go to a dentist or dental professional and have a pricey laser treatment completed. These laser procedures will cost and arm and a leg, but they do the job- one will have noticeably whiter teeth. The downside to laser procedures is that they can damage one’s tooth enamel and open up the teeth to weakening and discoloration in the future.

But why pay the highest teeth whitening cost if there are other effective ways to brighten one’s smile? In addition to the laser treatments, there are multiple products on the market which combine baking soda and peroxide in order to brighten one’s teeth. There are brightening toothpastes, tooth whitening strips and trays which whiten the teeth. Each of these products have different levels of effectiveness, based on the amount of time they are allowed to sit on one’s teeth and the percentage of peroxide contained in them.

Of these products, the highest teeth whitening cost belongs to the strips and trays. There are varying levels of peroxide contained in these items, and the ones that are close in percentage to that which dentists use have the highest teeth whitening cost. The ones with more peroxide will generally be more effective than those with less contained in them, but the amount of time these products sit on the teeth is important, too. The longer a formula is allowed to work on the teeth, the lighter they become. As said before, one can opt for tooth whitening pastes, which have the lowest teeth whitening cost, but these don’t sit on the teeth long and work better to remove daily residue as opposed to strip the teeth of years of stains.

Even better news is that one can spend nothing at all and have the opportunity to lighten the color of their teeth. Many manufacturers of strips and trays offer new customers free trial offers and sample sizes of their products in order for people to try them before they spend their hard earned money on them. Because of this, people searching to brighten their smile can avoid teeth whitening cost altogether when they take advantage of these offers.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Dubai

When considering undergoing teeth whitening treatment, the out of pocket costs of teeth whitening come first and foremost for many people. While costs of teeth whitening may vary, the level of detail and the quality of work is often directly correlated with price. The most common varieties of teeth whitening include in-office whitening visits, professionally dispense “do-it-yourself” take home teeth whitening kits, as well as over the counter whitening kits available at any local pharmacy or supermarket. Even the cheapest solutions often come at a very high price, and the solution that any person selects should depend on personal factors, such as economic standing, and severity of tooth discoloration. While this cost may be daunting, some insurance programs cover at least partially tooth whitening costs, and some dentists offer discounts based on need.

The most expensive option in tooth whitening is in-office whitening. While its tooth whitening cost may not be a prime benefit, the peace of mind of a job professionally done, as well significant change in tooth color in a very short period of time is very appealing for many customers. The process utilizes a relatively high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, applied directly to the teeth by either a dentist, or highly trained physician. Since this process requires expensive materials, as well as highly trained, professional labor, the entire tooth whitening process costs on average $650 per visit. Once again, this is a nationwide average, and some dentists may be willing to negotiate the price, or determine if your insurance plan will cover this. Remember that it is in their interest to earn your business, and that most dental offices hire trained staff to negotiate with your insurance company.

The next most effective solution is professionally dispensed take home kits for teeth whitening. This process is very similar to the in office procedure, however the these kits use a much lower concentration of product, and will require many more applications to ensure the job is completed properly. While these kits may cost $100-$400, many dentists agree that these solutions are best for the long haul, as they are far more affordable and patients are far more likely to continue their use.

Finally, and least effectively are over-the-counter whitening techniques. These vary significantly in quality, however are available for as low as $20 each. These solutions are one size fits all, and sometimes will only accommodate a few front teeth rather than being tailor fit to each patient’s mouth. All in all, while the teeth whitening costs are lowest here, the potential gain is smallest.

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