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Teeth Whitening : Zoom Teeth Bleaching

Zoom teeth bleaching is an in-office process of light-activated bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, that are applied to the teeth and allowed to be activated in four 15-minute sessions. Discover Zoom bleaching at any local dentist’s office with tips from a licensed dental assistant in this free video on oral hygiene.

A beautiful smile can solve many problems. A beautiful smile just takes a moment but leaves a lifetime impression. A healthy smile can only come from healthy teeth and healthy gums. There are many people who are forced to hide or suppress their smile due to stained or broken teeth.

However, with advancement in medical science and technology, now everyone will be able to display a healthy and sparkling set of teeth! This is possible with the help of zoom teeth. It is one of the most trusted dental treatments that give you a new confidence to smile openly. Sydney is particularly a renowned place that provides the best choice for all types of dental treatments.

The advancement in medical science and technology has made it easier for us to avail the desired looks we always dreamt of. The latest sophisticated treatments have made everything possible. Although natural beauty cannot be compared to anything artificial, but these advanced treatments can give you a perfect look that is very much near to the natural look.

Cosmetic Dentists in Sydney are very experienced and skilled in providing you with best of cosmetic dentistry services like the following:

* Teeth whitening
* Dental implants
* Root Canal treatment
* Glam smile veneers
* Porcelain veneers
* Complete Smile makeover

Teeth related problems and corrosion of the teeth are generally caused by unhealthy eating habits like consumption of staining products and beverages like tea, coffee, tobacco, nicotine, fizzy drinks, etc. These stains become permanent after a period of time.

This problem can be reduced or prevented by keeping a count on the times and quantity of the above mentioned food items you consume in a day. However, by doing this you cannot undo the damage already done. For that you need to consult a good cosmetic dentist. However this is capable of removing even the most stubborn of stains! This treatment not only breaks down these stains and yellow layer on your teeth enamel but also lighten your teeth’s colour to at least 4-5 shades lighter than before!

This treatment is one of the most effective, quickest and long lasting methods of getting pearly white set of teeth. This process is lab tested and declared as safe and harmless for our teeth and mouth.

The process starts with the dentist safely covering your gums and lips with a protective shield or tray. He then uses a Carbamide gel and spreads it generously over your exposed teeth. This gel contains an active bleaching agent, generally a compound of peroxide. The dentist then uses a laser beam on the teeth, which helps activate the bleaching agent in the gel. This then removes all the stains and lightens your teeth to an amazing 4-5 shade than before!

This treatment is safe, effective and its results can easily last for around six months.

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