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Types and Costs of Tooth Fillings in Dubai

Cheap & Best Dental Filling Dentist in Dubai UAE : Tooth filling dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & dental tooth filling Prices in Dubai UAE. A dental filling is among the most common tool that dentists use to repair a tooth, fix a cavity, eliminate infection and restore teeth to health. In general, the idea is simple. A tooth develops and area of decay. The dentist cleans out this area of infection with a drill, then fills it in with a choice of compounds. Thus, the dental filling is complete.

One of the most common filling material is called amalgam. This substance has been used by dentists for more than 100 years, but has been the source of some controversy in recent years. That’s because amalgam contains mercury, and some have made the claim that mercury can actually poison the human body, and cause a host of illnesses.

Amalgam contains not only mercury, but also silver, tin and copper all mixed together, thus the name “amalgam.” Experts say that because the mercury in the amalgam binds completely to the other metals, it simply cannot leech into the body and cause health problems. It is the official position of the American Dental Association that mercury in fillings is safe. This is also the conclusion of numerous government groups, including the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health and others.

So amalgam has been the work horse of the dental industry. Untold millions of people have received fillings made of amalgam. Yes, there are some disadvantages. In rare cases, some people have allergic reactions to amalgam. In those cases, the amalgam needs to be removed and substituted with another filling substance. Amalgam is also not natural looking because it has a silver-gray metallic look. This tends not to be a big problem, however, because amalgam is generally used to fill back teeth that do not show to the public.

Sometimes amalgam produces considerable sensitivity to hot or cold, although the usual solution to this is to simply give the filling time, and this sensitivity will fade on its own.

Another type of filling material is called composite. This is a mixture of glass and quarts and is white or tooth-colored. Composite is used to fill small to mid-sized cavities. An advantage of composite besides being white is that the dentist does not have to drill as deeply or remove as much of the tooth to make room for this material.

Yet another filling material are glass ionomers. This is a translucent, tooth-colored material made from acrylic acids and fine glass powders. It’s used often to fix areas near the root of a tooth. Another kind of ionomer is called resin ionomer which is a mixture of glass filler, acrylic acids and acrylic resins. Like composite, ionomers requires the removal of less tooth structure than amalgam. This substance can also release tiny amount of fluoride which help teeth stay strong.

Dental fillings can also be made from porcelain, one of the dentist’s favorite choices. Many people associate porcelain with crowns or veneers, but porcelain can also be used as a filling material. It’s strong and can match the color of the tooth. A slight drawback of porcelain is that it can cause wear on the tooth opposite of it if the porcelain become rough with use over time.

There are many other kinds of fillings, from porcelain-fused to-metal, to a variety of other metals, including various gold alloys. Most people don’t care what fills their teeth as long as they come out with a healthy smile that looks good. But knowing the variety of filling materials makes you better informed and will enable you to discuss your treatment options from a standpoint of greater knowledge with your dentist.

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