Veneers Treatment in Dubai

Veneers Treatment in Dubai UAE – A lot of dental treatments these days provide the best benefits individuals need. For one, braces allow individuals to improve the alignment of their teeth. Dental implants are also essential in order to properly replace missing teeth. And, teeth whitening treatment is essential to get rid of stains in order to make teeth better and more appealing.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatments do no last for a long time. Therefore, individuals need to visit dental clinics to make their teeth white again. Luckily, there are other ways to have white teeth for a long time such as having dental veneers.

Dental veneers are coatings that are placed over teeth to improve their look. In order to maintain the looks of veneers, there are things individuals need to avoid. Below are some of the following.

Hard and sticky foods

After a dental veneer treatment, dentists recommend to avoid hard foods such as candies, apples and popcorns. This is essential since hard foods can easily damage the newly installed veneers. Hard food items can also cause veneers to crack and can be a costly repair. In case you want to eat hard foods, dentists advise to chew it with the back teeth to avoid damage. Sticky foods must also be avoided after preliminary treatments since the veneers may be damaged or removed.


Dental experts also recommend individuals to avoid smoking after having a dental veneer treatment. Dental veneers rarely stain, but poor oral hygiene may cause staining in the long run. So, it is best to quit smoking to ensure that you can maintain the whiteness of your veneers.

Drinks that can stain

Other than smoking, there are also certain drinks that can stain veneers such as tea and coffee. Dental experts recommend avoiding these drinks. In case that you cannot stop drinking tea and coffee, it is important to reduce your intake and make sure to brush your teeth regularly. Making use of whitening toothpaste can also help get rid of stains easily.

Too hot or too cold foods

Individuals should also avoid eating food that is too hot or too cold. Hot and cold food items cause the teeth to expand and to contract slightly. Because of these changes, there is a possibility that the veneers may crack or fall off.

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