What is the Lumineers Cost Per Tooth?

What is the Lumineers Cost Per Tooth Lumineers Dubai : Dental Lumineers dentists, clinics, reviews, cost & prices in Dubai UAE. Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneers made by a dental company called Den-mat. Porcelain mimics teeth better than other types of false teeth. They give the appearance of nice white and if the procedure is done correctly it will improve your smile drastically.

Lumineers are made of a stronger porcelain material than traditional porcelain veneers, because in that way they can be made thinner. With traditional porcelain veneers the dentist would have to grind the tooth down so the porcelain veneers can fit properly. Lumineers don’t require that because they are made so thin. The dentist just cements the Lumineers onto the tooth. Without the process of having to grind the tooth down, it makes the Lumineers cost per tooth much cheaper than traditional porcelain veneers.

The Lumineers cost per tooth is $700-$1100 depending on the dentist. The procedure usually takes about three visits, depending on which dentist you decide to go to, there may be extra fees for each visit. The Lumineers also have to be cemented in properly, or else they can crack or stain. Mistakes like that can mess up your smile design. Getting mistakes like those fixed will add to your expenses, so it is always best to invest in an expert cosmetic dentist, even if it costs a little more.

If you find that the Lumineers cost per tooth is too much, you can try getting in touch with your insurance company. Although there are some insurance companies out there that will outright refuse to pay for this kind of procedure, but there are couple that will pay for part of the costs, or even all of it. It’s always good to check to make sure.

Fortunately, Lumineers are very durable if they are cemented properly. The life-span of Lumineers can exceed ten years. They are much cheaper than other types of false teeth. Therefore this would be much cheaper for you in the long run as you would not have to get them replaced every year like other teeth restoratives.

If you are not satisfied with your Lumineers, the procedure is reversible and you can get them removed. However, it would be expensive and rather painful. The Lumineers will have to be removed by a dental drill. The removal procedure including the anesthetic would about $3000.

So if you decide to get Lumineers, get a good a dentist, and really think about it before you go through with the procedure. If the procedure is done right, you will have a beautiful smile. But it’s done incorrectly it will have wasted a good amount of your money.

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