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Cheap tooth filling in Dubai UAE : Dental filling deals in Dubai. Dental filling cost in Dubai UAE. Our teeth are invaluable and we should take care of them as much as possible. However, due to one reason or the other, there comes a phase in life when one has to face some serious oral issues like tooth decay, cavities etc. and when that happens, one gets confused on what he should do next?

Cavities grow slowly and if they are not detected early then they keep growing deeper and deeper and a time comes when one starts to feel severe pain every time the food lands under these cavities. At such time one might think of removing the tooth altogether but that would not be a wise move. Every tooth is valuable and there is nothing that can match a natural tooth. Therefore one should try to preserve each and every tooth to the farthest extent.

A tooth can be filled in a number of ways, the most poplar one being white filling. It is popular because it does not require much time and effort to get the tooth filled by white filing. Other methods of filling that are available are metal filling, which mostly consists of either gold or silver filling.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of white filling. First of all, it matches and blends perfectly with the colour of the tooth and therefore it is preferred by patient for its aesthetic value. If your front teeth requires filling then you will obviously not like it to be filled with gold or silver as these colours will look odd on it. In such a case, white filling will be most suitable option for you.

Another advantage of using white filling is that it is a quick and hassle free method to fill the tooth. While other types of filing would require multiple sittings, white filling can be done in a single or at most couple of sittings.

On the other side, white filling is not as durable as metal filling. While gold or silver filling can last for life or at least many years, white fillings may require a redo after a every couple of years or so. But it does not have any serious issues like the amalgam filling, which has been criticised for its mercury content, which could not only destroy the teeth in a long run but can also harm the internal body parts by mixing with saliva. Therefore, white filling is way better than amalgam filling.

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