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Will lingual braces affect my speech?

Incognito Lingual Braces Dubai UAE : Lingual Braces Dubai Cost, Prices and Reviews. There is a new generation of lingual braces that boasts a sleeker, customized design and may shave months off of total treatment time. iBraces are lingual braces – those affixed behind the teeth instead of to the visible surfaces – that are uniquely designed for each individual patient to hug the lingual surfaces of your teeth for optimal comfort, fit and performance.

These lingual braces are the only 100 percent customized invisible fixed braces available on the market today. No two sets of braces are alike because each bracket is designed for each individual patient. It takes a great deal of technology to do so.

In addition to being hidden from view, each bracket is customized and molded to the shape of each individual’s teeth to address their particular dental situation. This, combined with customized archwires, makes it possible for orthodontists to move teeth in such a precise fashion that it often takes less time to achieve proper alignment than with traditional braces.

The Process

Getting these technological marvels begins with an orthodontic consultation to determine whether the patient is a good candidate.

Almost everyone is a candidate, adding that iBraces can be used on children and adults. Usually if you’re a good candidate for traditional braces, you are a good candidate for iBraces, too.

Once the determination has been made, the process begins with the orthodontist taking an impression of the patient’s teeth. That impression is taken to a computer, where it is scanned and developed into a 3-D model of the teeth.

From that model, a Lingualcare lab technician creates the customized brackets- along with archwires bent by a robot specifically for that patient- and sends the appliances back to the orthodontist. The archwires are heavier than an orthodontist can effectively bend manually. Using the robot to bend the wires mechanically is another reason the overall treatment tends to be quicker.

The fabrication process takes about six weeks, but putting the braces on takes less than an hour.


The iBraces system allows orthodontists to straighten teeth without people seeing the appliances. There are other systems out there that achieve similar results, and orthodontists use those systems on the right candidates, but certain corrections and results can’t always be achieved without the use of brackets and archwires.

The iBraces system provides the best of both worlds- aesthetics and faster, effective results. Their low-profile design and custom fit also increases patient comfort, minimizes speech interference, reduces tongue irritation and reduces chances of brackets becoming detached, provided hard and sticky foods are avoided. iBraces require fewer wire adjustments, which means fewer orthodontic visits and less discomfort throughout the process.

iBraces can be a good choice for adult professionals, adults and teens who participate in contact sports, people who want to avoid damaging the front surfaces of their teeth, musicians who play wind instruments and those who are self-conscious about wearing braces that others can see.

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