Crowns and Bridges Dubai

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Dental Crowns and Bridges Dubai : Dental Crown and Tooth Bridge in Dubai at Best Price & Affordable Cost. Restore and improve your smile with quality dental crowns in Dubai and dental bridges fashioned to the highest standards to maintain your facial structure. Restore your tooth’s best form and function with quality porcelain dental crowns. Set up your complimentary consultation at our Dental Clinic in Dubai now.

Crowns and bridges are among the most common restorative dental treatments. Bridges are used to replace one or a few missing teeth, while crowns are used to restore worn, weakened and damaged teeth. At Access Smile, we offer metal-free crowns and bridges, which look highly natural and do not have the dark shadows that can be seen when light is shone on crowns containing metal.

Crowns in Dubai

Crowns are artificial restorations that are fitted over teeth that are very worn, are broken or are weakened by a large filling or root canal treatment. They are also sometimes used on healthy teeth to support a bridge. Crowns made of tooth-coloured zirconia are not just extremely natural looking, they are also very strong, meaning that they are suitable for both front and back teeth. We also offer pressed ceramic crowns, which are excellent for the front teeth, being transparent thus highly natural.

Whatever type of crown you opt for, at your first appointment your dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown and will take impressions to send to the laboratory. Your crown will be closely matched to the natural colour of your teeth. You may be fitted with a temporary crown at this appointment, before your permanent crown is carefully checked and fitted at your second appointment.

Bridges in Dubai

Bridges are used to replace one or a couple of adjacent missing teeth. They comprise crowns or wings attached to surrounding teeth, with a false tooth or teeth in between. Because they act as a support to the false teeth, the surrounding teeth need to be strong and in good condition.

A bridge improves the appearance of your smile and also helps your dental health, because food particles and bacteria can get trapped in gaps left by missing teeth, leading to gum disease or tooth decay.

Our expert technicians will make your bridge to closely match the natural colour of your teeth. At your first appointment, your teeth will be prepared and measured for your bridge, with impressions taken. When your bridge is ready you’ll have your second appointment, during which your bridge will be fitted.

Crowns and Bridges Dubai

First things first, what are dental crowns and bridges? Crowns are tooth shaped caps that are placed over damaged teeth. On the other hand, bridges are act as a replacement for missing teeth. These two procedures are known as the most important procedures where missing or damaged teeth are the issue.

A great majority of people are battling with low self esteem which might be caused in part by missing or fractured teeth. As we all know, our teeth play a very important part in our facial appearance. Truth be told, when you have two or more teeth that are missing or fractured, you might lose your desire to smile as well. Therefore, to ensure that you get that smile back and your esteem up, consult your dentist as soon as you have an issue with your teeth.

A crown essentially caps a fractured or broken tooth. It is a procedure that perfectly restores the tooth’s original shape and size. You can also use crowns to cover teeth that are poorly shaped and/or teeth that are discolored. In addition to this, a crown shields a tooth filling and helps keep it in place.

However, if you lose your teeth because of tooth decay or injury, a bridge will be used to fill the gap. The best part about bridges is that they can fill the gap of one or more teeth. The bridge also mimics your original tooth (or teeth). This is to mean that at the end of the procedure, the bridges will look exactly like your original teeth.

Therefore, to restore your esteem, pride and smile, your dentist will either use crowns or bridges to replace missing or broken teeth. Both of these dental approaches are the solution to serious dental problems. Crowns and bridges are long lasting solutions for anyone who is looking for reliable and permanent dental solutions. Additionally, these two procedures contribute to overall oral health by maintaining the alignment of the teeth.

Why Do I need Dental Crowns and Bridges? Dental crowns and bridges are procedures that were developed to help restore people’s beauty by either replacing badly damaged or missing teeth. Other than replacing these teeth, the two procedures are also used to give individuals durable, long lasting and functional teeth.

Since we are all faced by elements that weaken our teeth, a great majority of people are prone to tooth loss through decay. Luckily, crowns are used to protect and strengthen teeth. Bridges on the other hand are designed to ensure that the teeth around the missing tooth are firm and strong.

Dental crowns and bridges are used to improve the teeth function. This is to say that apart from regaining your confidence, you will be able to chew your food and speak more easily as well. Bottom-line is, dental crowns and bridges are the solution for replacement of teeth for a more natural looking and beautiful smile.

Crowns and Bridges Dubai

To restore the integrity of a broken tooth or replace a missing tooth, dentists use crowns or bridges. Both of these approaches to dental care provide long-lasting solutions to serious problems that can threaten more than just an individual’s oral health.

Crowns and bridges can be vital to dental well being, and the health of the mouth can play a significant role in one’s overall health. Holistic dentists practice with both in mind. Their goal is to support oral and total body health. This includes the nontoxic material used in crowns and bridges.

A crown is placed over a tooth, essentially capping it. The crown restores the tooth’s shape and size while protecting the fractured or decayed original beneath. When a tooth is unable to hold a standard filling, a crown offers the protection necessary to shield and keep it. Crowns also can cover poorly shaped or discolored teeth.

If a tooth is lost because of injury or decay, a bridge is used to span the gap between remaining teeth. A bridge can fill the space of a single missing tooth or several. The teeth on each end of the gap are crowned to provide an anchor for the bridge. The bridge mimics the shape of the original tooth or teeth and is a permanent, nearly immovable structure in the mouth. Both crowns and bridges preserve the shape and stability of an individual’s dental anatomy.

When putting in a crown or bridge, holistic dentists choose to use biocompatible materials – nontoxic compounds that won’t adversely affect the patient’s overall health. A high quality gold alloy or a ceramic casting can provide the strength but subtle flexibility for a safe, long-term fix.

If a holistic dentist crowns a tooth with a filling, the filling may be replaced if it contains mercury. Mercury is a toxic compound found in amalgam fillings, Even in small amounts, mercury can damage organs, blood cells and the immune system. Removing amalgam fillings, which can be up to 50 percent mercury, and exchanging them with a nontoxic alternative is a central mission of holistic dentists.

Beyond using biocompatible compounds, holistic dentists address the overall health of a patient. The mission of the holistic dentist is to integrate the care of the mouth with the care of the body. The dentist becomes one component of the patient’s overall wellness team.

From the holistic perspective, a new crown or bridge is more than a dental repair, it is one element ­- a key one – in caring for your overall health – from mouth to toe.

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