Immediate Dental Implant Surgery

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Cosmetic dental surgery is becoming increasingly common, as more and more people are choosing to have the beauty of their smile restored. Many people, who are forced to have tooth extractions, chose to have immediate dental implants to fill the gap where their natural tooth had been. If your dentist knows that he will have to extract a tooth, he should suggest this type of implant to you before he begins the extraction. If you choose to have this type of surgery, it is good to know what to expect.

Before you have immediate dental implant surgery, the dentist may use a dental x-ray or state-of-the-art CT scanner to measure the amount of jawbone available for the placement of implants. The most modern CT scanners can measure and map the bone structure in 3D to the nearest 100th of a millimetre in some cases! Dental scanners and x-ray only produce very low doses of radiation, so they are safe to use.

The dentist will analyse the scan and x-ray results to assess exactly where each implant should go, at what angle the implant needs to be inserted, how long and how wide it needs to be, whether there are any sensitive regions located near the prospective implant site and whether the bone density of an area is sufficient to support the implant. He will also use the scans to predict any problems that might arise during the surgery. Occasionally it is possibly that the scans may show that there is not enough bone or that the jawbone/surrounding gums are not healthy enough to receive dental implants. In these rare cases, it may not be possible to proceed with the surgery.

The surgery to place the implants is a simple operation which is normally carried out under a local anaesthetic. The dentist and his team will discuss your medical history with you before administering any anaesthetic to check that it is compatible with you. If you feel nervous about the surgery or the use of local anaesthetic, speak to the dentist about this before he starts. Although you will be awake during the procedure, your mouth and jawbone will be entirely numb, and you should not feel the surgery at all. If necessary, the dentist will carefully extract the tooth which needs to be removed, and then put the implant carefully into the old tooth socket. He will check that the implant is correctly positioned before completing the surgery. When the anaesthetic begins to wear off after the surgery is over, you may feel mild discomfort, but this is part of the normal healing processes.

Whereas traditional dental implants could sometimes required from 3 to 6 months to properly integrate with the bone, and require multiple sittings and fittings before a permanent prosthetic immediate dental surgery techniques allow fixed prosthetics to be added straight away. In most cases, patients are able to leave the surgery straight after the procedure with a new set of permanent teeth.

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