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Orthodontics : Benefits of the Damon System

Damon Braces Dubai – Damon Braces Price Dubai UAE. Orthodontic treatment with Damon braces system in Dubai. See why Millions of people choose the Damon System, more than just straight teeth. When people think of braces, they picture the traditional metal mouth version. However, there are many more braces options available, depending on alignment. There are metal braces, clear braces, and many more options available.

Orthodontist braces are helpful to straighten and align teeth. Most people get braces as a teenager, though many adults are choosing braces late in life to straighten smiles they have never been happy about. There are many different types of braces, but not everyone qualifies for every kind. This influences the cost of braces for each person.

Braces fix tooth appearance, teeth misalignment, speech problems, gum disease, jaw disorders such as spaced teeth, or crooked teeth. There are four pieces to traditional braces – the wire, o-ring, brackets, and metal brand. The arch wire is the thin metal wire that runs across the teeth through each bracket.

An o-ring bonds brackets to the wire. Each tooth will have a bracket attached by a metal band. These components push the teeth back into a desired place by consistent pressure of the arch wire over time. It can take several months to two years before teeth are completely back in place.

There are four types of orthodontist braces available. There are traditional metal, lingual, and ceramic. Metal braces are the most popular and cost-effective. They accomplish teeth straightening for most misalignment cases and do the best job out of all the types. However, they are uncomfortable, visually appealing, and difficult to keep the teeth clean.

Invisalign is a popular choice for adults, but are expensive compared to other options. No one can notice it and removed at any time for convenience. They are more comfortable as well.

Lingual braces are metal braces placed on the backside of the teeth, making them invisible. The cost is slightly more than traditional braces. They will go unnoticed by other people but are uncomfortable for the tongue.

Ceramic braces are an upgrade from metal braces. The brackets are the same colour as natural teeth so they are not noticed from afar. They are slightly weaker than metal braces but are fine with proper care. The cost is slightly more than metal braces but less than lingual braces.

Another alternative to traditional braces is Simpli5. This is an aligner system meant for patients who have minor crowding of the front teeth. It is cheaper compared to other aligner systems, such as Invisalign.

An Inman aligner is a special orthodontic appliance that is comfortable and can be worn on one jaw or both jaws to straighten mild to moderate crooked teeth. It is hassle free and removable. They are a quick and efficient alternative to braces that can complete alignment in six to sixteen weeks. Inman aligners are helpful in treating the front teeth only.

Damon metal braces are a great alternative for adults who want braces but do not want them seen. Serious problems arise if the patient leaves their misaligned teeth or malocclusion untreated. Damon braces are perfect for fixing an over-bite or over-crowded teeth.

Not treating crowded and misaligned teeth can cause speech and chewing difficulties, along with dental hygiene issues. The teeth will break down faster and become more susceptible to injury without treatment. The reason Damon braces are an exciting option for adults is because they are one-third the size of normal braces and come in both metal and clear versions.

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