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If you are looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Dubai, we are the right choice for you

If you ask your friends and family, “Where can I find a gentle and qualified pediatric dentistry near me.” Our friendly staff will make your child feel comfortable and at ease. We provide comprehensive dental services, and all ages of children are welcome, including infants and teens.

Why Pediatric Dentistry is important for your child?

Dental care for children is essential, especially as the mouth and jaws of a child continue to change and grow. They are also at a higher risk of underlines and overbites, and this is why it is vital to have regular check-ups with a dentist. By working with us, parents can make dental visits less stressful. Here are some reasons why it is essential to seek help from us if your baby is suffering from any tooth problems.

We can diagnose problems in baby teeth that will later become more problematic as the child grows older. For example, if a child’s teeth aren’t developing correctly, Our pediatric dentists can catch early signs of orthodontic problems. If detected early, orthodontic treatment can save parents a lot of money and spare a child from the pain and trouble of painful dental treatment during the teen years.

When should a child need to visit a pediatric dentist?

This question is often confused with all that “when will my child need a checkup?” There are many different reasons to schedule an appointment. Early dental care is essential for a child’s overall health and will also help you save money. You should visit us if your child sucks a pacifier or thumb. These habits are only harmful for long periods, but they may cause permanent damage to your child’s teeth and gums. If your child continues to suck on a pacifier or thumb, a dentist may recommend a mouth appliance. The first visit should happen as soon as your child begins to develop teeth. We recommend you to bring your children to the dental office as soon as their first tooth comes in. However, some children do not need their first dental visit until they turn one-year-old. A first visit to a pediatric dentist is important because early cavities can lead to poor oral health later on. If you’re worried that your child may be getting a cavity, consider making an appointment with us as soon as your child is a toddler.

When do baby teeth come in?

Most baby teeth develop between the fourth and sixth months of life. The majority of baby teeth are born in pairs. This can lead to significant discomfort when teething.

When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

These are the front teeth at the top or bottom. They are the first to appear and are the first to disappear. Children usually lose these teeth between the ages of five and seven.

We offer different types of dental services for your children

During your visit to the dentist for children, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums. If there are concerns, we may request X-rays. We offer many services to ensure your child has strong teeth and gums.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular cleanings can be a great way to ensure that children’s teeth are healthy and help them grow stronger permanent teeth. We can open their mouth and encourage your child to remain still. This will ensure that they are comfortable and get the best results.

Fluoride Treatments

To protect your child’s teeth from decay and bacteria, our dentist might recommend that fluoride be applied topically to the enamel.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are used to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Sealants are an excellent way to protect enamel teeth from decay. They block bacteria, plaque, and other primary causes.


To prevent your child from bad breath, pain, and cavities, our pediatric dentist can help you decide the best approach for your child’s specific needs.

Crowns for children

You may require pediatric crowns to support baby teeth if they are severely damaged or broken.


Mouth guards are designed to protect the gums and teeth of children while they participate in sports. A mouth guard will be recommended by our pediatric dentists to protect their teeth during sports events.

What Causes Toothaches in Children?

Teethache in children can indicate serious injury or infection to their jaws and teeth. To diagnose and prevent further damage, it is crucial to contact a pediatric dentist right away. Call us today to make your first appointment. We are sure you’ll be pleased that you did.